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10th Talks On The Hill

(in)Secure Societies: Redefining Civil Liberties In A Changing Security Environment

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28 Jan 07 - 30 Jan 07 Asia-Europe Foundation Governance & Economy Department Talks on the Hill Governance & Human Rights



The Talks on the Hill meeting series adopts a closed-door, intensive brainstorming meeting format, run on a set of ground rules aimed at encouraging open and frank discussion. More important, this series brings together participants from different professional backgrounds to promote dialogue and encourage policy recommendations that are inclusive of the concerns of the various sectors of societies.

For the 10th Talks On The Hill meeting, 14 prominent individuals from Asia and Europe gathered to discuss the balance that needs to be struck between human rights and increased security needs.


- Has the heightened concern over terrorism and national security affected the relationship among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches?

- Have ASEM countries taken adequate care to ensure that individuals whose rights have been violated in the course of counter-terrorist measures have regular, concrete, and institutionalised access to remedies?

- Is the current wave of tightened national security policy, law, and practice redefining the relative spheres of private and public life?

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