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Mapping the future for Asia-Europe dialogue

4th ASEM Outlook 2012

The ASEM Outlook Workshop 2012 is the fourth in a series of workshops designed to examine the scope and depth of Asia-Europe relations. The 2012 workshop will explore emerging policy issues and assess future areas of cooperation through the ASEM dialogue.

Taking place in Singapore (3-4 December 2012), the event will gather 20 young experts from various fields from ASEM countries. They will discuss the outcomes of the 9th ASEM Summit and the future of Asia-Europe relations in the context of the sectors within which they work.

For the first time in the ASEM outlook series,  a comprehensive ASEM Outlook Report has been prepared. This publication has a unique foresight analysis from four key sectors namely - soft security, economic and financial integration, environmental governance, public health and pandemic preparedness. It contains recommendations to address the emerging global and regional challenges facing both regions.

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