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Europa-Forum Neumarkt: European Federalists Seminar

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11 Jul 03 - 13 Jul 03 Asia-Europe Foundation Communications Department Corporate & Official Events Governance & Human Rights

Neumarkt (Austria)


This forum brought together 130 people for discussions, including European federalists from current and future EU member states. Notably, participants highlighted that the EU should play a more active role in diffusing tensions between North and South Korea and across the Taiwan Straits.

The forum also featured an ASEF-sponsored discussion session, titled "Europe's Integration, Seen From Asia." Albrecht Rothacher, then-Public Affairs Director at ASEF, spoke on recent initiatives for regional integration in Asia, which, in his view, still had a long way to go.


Prof. Tang Shaocheng, China

Prof. Deok Ryong Yoon, Korea