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14th Talks On The Hill: Informal Advisory Group Meeting The Future Of The Dialogue Of Cultures And Civilisations

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19 Apr 09 - 21 Apr 09 Asia-Europe Foundation Governance & Economy Department Talks on the Hill Intercommunal Dialogue

Davao City (The Philippines)


Religion is and will continue to be a powerful element in the tensions and polarisation between and within societies with differing cultural and religious values.

Tensions where religion is invoked, either in its own right or as a proxy for political battles, arise not simply between adherents of different religious practices and beliefs, but also between religious and secular groups. It is therefore essential to include both religious and non-religious actors in dialogue efforts to bring about mutual understanding towards the mitigation or reconciliation of conflict.

Building on a process of internal renewal and evaluation begun in September 2008, the Dialogue of Cultures and Civilisations decided to prioritise "Religion and Interfaith" activities for its 2009-2010 programme, in order to contribute actively to the intergovernmental ASEM Interfaith Dialogue process. The Informal Advisory Group Meeting brought together selected experts and representatives of religious and dialogue organisations to brainstorm and define the programme’s thematic and strategic direction.