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9th ASEF Editors' Roundtable (ASEFERT9)

Session 1: Introduction

What is 'fake news' exactly? Is it a recent phenomenon or an age-old quandary? Our moderator Dr Fraser Cameron introduces the topic and initiates proceedings for the 2-day roundtable.

Session 2: The Scourge of 'Fake News'
Moderator: Dr Fraser CAMERON

How has 'fake news' affected the fabric of our societies, and why is it so relevant today? Is 'fake news' a social, technological or political issue? We examine the multiple facets of 'fake news' and disinformation.

Session 3: The Political Economy of 'Fake News'
Moderator: Ms Victoria MAIN

What are the power relations that constitute the communication of 'fake news' through social and mass media? How and by whom are they exercised? Our editors discuss examples across Asia and Europe.

Session 4: Examining Current Approaches to 'Fake News'
Moderator: Dr Fraser CAMERON

From new legislation to technology companies' initiatives and beyond, we examine the various approaches being taken in Asia and Europe.

Session 5: Formulating Solutions
led by Mr Christophe LECLERQ

with wrap-up by Dr Fraser CAMERON and Ms Victoria MAIN

The roundtable concludes with a joint recommendation.