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12th ASEF Journalists' Seminar (ASEFJS12)

As a primarily training-oriented event, the 12th ASEF Journalists’ Seminar (ASEFJS12) will explore how a trust-based approach to reporting can be adopted and strengthened by media organisations and journalists in Asia & Europe.

The 2-day training-oriented event will bring together young journalists and media professionals from ASEF Partner countries. The programme aims to address journalists’ needs and challenges by providing them with the tools needed to tackle disinformation in the digital age.

Through expert trainers’ presentations, panel discussions, case studies from participants’ countries and examination of the latest innovative media tools, participants will acquire the necessary skills to create their own initiatives at home.


Module 1

Media Trust & Information in the Digital Age

This module will deal primarily with the challenge of tackling online information disorder (misinformation, disinformation and mal-information).

Module 2

Sources & Fact-Checking

In this module, participants will dive into the tools & methods used in fact-checking, data accuracy, source verification.

Module 3

Social Media & Digital Content

Module 3 addresses social media, particularly user-generated content, modified photo & video content, and AI in digital content.

Case Study & Panel

Exchange of Asia-Europe Values & Experiences

Participants will be asked to present a project or initiative they have been involved in, based on submissions received before the event.

Additional Programme

14th ASEM Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (ASEMFMM14)

The organisers will assist in applying for accreditation for ASEMFMM14 on 15-16 December 2019.

Participants will have the chance to provide media coverage for ASEMFMM14 side events such as ASEM Cultural Festival (#ASEMfest) and 9th Model ASEM.