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ASEF Network For Public Health: 1st Scenario-Building Workshop: Multi-Sector Pandemic Planning and Response

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
23 Mar 10 - 25 Mar 10 Governance & Economy Department ASEF Public Health Network Public Health

Siem Reap (Cambodia)


Recent H1N1 virus has made the world realise that pandemics are not a myth of the distant past, but they can become a concrete, actual threat to business continuity, well-being, and survival worldwide.

Dealing with pandemics is always an enormous challenge. We have seen far too many failures and far too few successes. Coping with “uncertainties” requires an ability to imagine the “unknown”. This in turn helps us prepare for what is to come. Scenario building is an exercise to this end. Many organisations use “Scenario planning” to address different kinds of concerns in the face of an uncertain future.

ASEF initiated the process by introducing one of a kind, scenario building exercise entitled ASEF-ASAP (Accurate Scenarios, Active Preparedness). The exercise was implemented through series of workshop in 2010.

During the 1st workshop, facilitated by scenario-building experts, participants from diverse backgrounds across Asia and Europe got together to develop future scenarios for multi-sector pandemic preparedness. Engaging themselves in the challenging and interactive sessions, participants gathered unique insights on formulating driving factors and uncertainties through scenario methodology, and outlining possible societal impacts of future pandemic threats.


- What are going to be the possible pandemic threats of the future?

- How can businesses, civil societies, and governments in Asia and Europe deal with these threats?