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Can Asia and Europe squeeze into a classroom?

16th ASEF University

 "In 10 days, I visited 26 countries and I met 27 great, unique, talented, smart people", said Lenka Marincova from Czech Republic. "I think we could see that we are different but at the same time, very similar" – she said, describing the 16th ASEF University on "Public Health and Vulnerable Groups: Access to Quality Health Care Service". "It really was an eye-opener for me", said Jing Jing Koh, a student from Singapore. "I now truly believe that Asia and Europe can actually squeeze into a classroom!"

Bilal Masoon from Pakistan added that participating in the AU16 was an "unprecedented experience" for him. "The learning from this event will remain for a long time to come", he said, adding "the friends and memories of AU16 will always be with me throughout my life".

Danish participant Katrine Paysen fully agrees. "It was an enlightenment to see such a diversity of people to create something that is so beautiful", she said.

"Just build the bridges", was the message for Sumedh Bele, a student from India. "People will cross to the other side by themselves".

The 16th ASEF University took place from 29 June to 10 July 2010 in Lodz, Poland. The event enabled young participants from Asia and Europe to understand and address public health issues from their points of view.and to explore possible approaches to reduce disparities in access to quality health care. It was co-organised by ASEF and the Medical University of Lodz (UMED).