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Asia Europe Journal

Volume 1 No 3

Published: 2003
Price: By subscription from Springer
Editor: Dr. Albrecht Rothacher (Vol1No1 - Vol8No1)
Publisher: Asia-Europe Foundation, Springer
ISBN: 1610-2932
Status: Available online via subscription


  • Britain Revisited 
    by Lee Kuan Yew

Original Paper

  • The Dialogue of Civilizations: Philosophical Basis, Current State and Prospects 
    by Hans Koechler
  • Confucianism and the Protestant Work Ethic 
    by Cheryl Lim and Chua Sin Lay
  • Islam and Politics in Europe and in Asia: Comparative Reflections 
    by Romain Bertrand
  • Cultural Dynamics of German Business Cooperation with Indonesia and Singapore 
    by Vincent Houben, Steffen Henkel, Claudia Ruppert
  • Asian FDI in Central and Eastern Europe and its Impact on the Host Countries 
    by Lim Jia Woon
  • Regional Cooperation in Asia: Economic and Political Aspects 
    by Akira Nozaki
  • The Possibility of an Asian Monetary Union drawing on the EMU Experience  
    by Joanne Tan Nuo Ing
  • Indian Migrants in Britain. Mirror Image of Social Linkages Between Gujarat and London 
    by Mario Rutten and Pravin J. Patel
  • Adventure in Malaya: Henri Fauconnier and French Orientalism  
    by Srilata Ravi
  • Framing "the Other". A Critical Review of Vietnam War Movies and their Representation of Asians and Vietnamese 
    by John Kleinen

Book review

  • Asia Frente Al Siglo XXI - de los "milagros" a las "debacles"?, by Viktor Sukup 
    by Delfin Colome
  • Book review Interdisciplinary Approaches to "Cultural Capitalism" in South China, by Leo Douw, Cen Huang and Michael R. Godley, Qiaoxiang Ties and Stepping Out. The Making of Chinese Entrepreneurs, by Chan Kwok Bun and Claire Chiang See Ngoh 
    by Albrecht Rothacher
  • Asian Branding. A Great Way to Fly, by Ian Batey and Branding in Asia. The Creation, Development and Management of Asian Brands for the Global Market, by Paul Temporal 
    by Albrecht Rothacher
  • The Aquariums of Pyongyang. Ten Years in the North Korean Gulag, by Kang Chol-Hwan and Pierre Rigoulot 
    by Albrecht Rothacher

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