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Asia Europe Journal

Volume 6 Number 1

Published: 2008
Price: by subsricption from Springer
Editor: Dr. Albrecht Rothacher (Vol1No1 - Vol8No1)
Publisher: Asia-Europe Foundation, Springer
ISBN: 1610-2932
Status: Available online via subscription

The March 2008 issue specially focuses on the theme “Lessons of Asian and European Peace Processes”. Articles in this issue deal among other issues with the emergence of conflicts, challenges of peace negotiations, the role of actors involved in the process of conflict resolution and strategies of mediation and reconciliation in Asia and Europe.


  • Lessons of Peace Processes 
    by Timo Kivimäki
  • Lessons of Aceh Peace Talks 
    by Martti Ahtisaari
  • Indonesia and Southeast Asian Territorial Peace Processes 
    by Sastrohandoyo Wiryono

Original paper

  • What can the Basque Peace Process Learn from Southeast Asia? 
    by Jordi Urgell
  • A "Greater Chinese Union". Striving toward a Solution of Taiwan's Unresolved Future Status 
    by Linda Jacobson
  • Approaching Peace in Patani, Southern Thailand. Antropological Considerations 
    by Alexander Horstmann
  • Prospects of Peace Negotiations in Papua 
    by Timo Kivimäki
  • Authoritarian Bargaining in Burma/Myanmar 
    by Timo Kivimäki
  • Economics of Peace Making: The Case of International Fund for Ireland  
    by Willie McCarter
  • Right Financing the Future  
    by Peter J. Middlebrook
  • Peace and Community Building in Northeast Asia 
    by Pan Guang
  • Clashes and Dialogues of Civilizations Revisited. The Case of Contemporary East Asia and Europe 
    by Albrecht Rothacher
  • Contours of the Naga Upsurge 
    by J.J. Roy Burman
  • The Meitei Upsurge in Manipur  
    by Hanjabam Shukhdeba Sharma

Book review

  • Infidels, A Histroy of the Conflict between Christendom and Islam, by Andrew Wheatcroft 
    by Albrecht Rothacher
  • The Death of the West, by Patrick Buchanan 
    by Albrecht Rothacher
  • Le massacre de Katyn, by Victor Zaslavsky 
    by Albrecht Rothacher

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