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Asia Europe Journal

Volume 7 Number 2

Published: 2009
Price: by subscription from Springer
Editor: Dr. Albrecht Rothacher (Vol1No1 - Vol8No1)
Publisher: Asia-Europe Foundation, Springer
ISBN: 1610-2932
Status: Available online via subscription

Regional Integration and Asia-Europe Relations

  • Environmental issues as a ‘strategic’ key in EU–China relations
    by David Scott
  • The perceptions of the European Union among tertiary education students in Singapore
    by Barnard Turner
  • Democracy and mediation in territorial civil wars in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific
    by Peter Wallensteen, Karl DeRouen, Jacob Bercovitch and Frida Möller
  • The political weakness of the EU in East Asia: a constructivist approach
    by Ramon Pacheco Pardo
  • Japan’s reluctance in East Asian economic integration
    by Mohamed Aslam
  • European experience for East Asian integration: Ideas, national interests, and the international circumstance
    by Nam-Kook Kim
  • Eurasia: re-emergence of two world regions
    by Jörg Rössler
  • Russia’s energy diplomacy toward Europe and Northeast Asia: a comparative study
    by Hongchan Chun
  • Cooling the earth? The changing priorities of EU-Asia technology co-operation
    by Dimitrios Konstadakopulos

Book Reviews

  • Saumya Mitra e.a.: The Caucasian tiger. Sustaining economic growth in Armenia
    by Albrecht Rothacher
  • Jörg Mahlich and Werner Pascha (eds): Innovation and technology in Korea
    by Albrecht Rothacher
  • Jonathan Fenby. Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek and the China he lost
    by Albrecht Rothacher

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