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Asia Europe Journal

Volume 7 No 3-4

Published: 2009
Price: by subscription from Springer
Editor: Dr. Albrecht Rothacher (Vol1No1 - Vol8No1)
Publisher: Asia-Europe Foundation, Springer
ISBN: 1610-2932
Status: Available online via subscription

Original Papers

  • China's peaceful rise
    Jaewoo Choo
  • 30 years’ reform of China’s mass media
    Li Liangrong
  • Cambodia's broadcast TV: promotion of consumerist desires
    Chivoin Peou
  • All for brownie points!: reappraising the new commercial media and media–terrorism nexus in the context of the Mumbai attacks of 26/11
    Antara Mitra
  • Interfaith dialogue in global perspective and the necessity of youth involvement
    Pavlos Michaelides
  • A Chinese movie mogul and the transformation of his movie empire—the Loke Wan Tho family and the Cathay Organisation in Southern China and Southeast Asia (1915–2000)*
    Chung Po-yin, Stephanie
  • The image of Genghis Khan and ethnic identities in Post-Soviet Russia
    Dmitry Shlapentokh
  • EU–China relations in higher education Building bridges in global cultural dialogue
    Cristina Pinna
  • Standoff and progress in North Korean nuclear dilemma after the joint statement
    Lee Hun Kyung ,Park Sung-Jo ,Park Byoung Chul
  • Is there any unity to the Trans-Caspian Region? The economic relations between Central Asia and the Caucasus
    Sébastien Peyrouse,Sébastien Peyrouse

Book Reviews

  • David Lewis. The temptations of tyranny in Central Asia
    Albrecht Rothacher
  • Richard Connaughton, Rising sun and tumbling bear. Russia’s war with Japan
    Albrecht Rothacher

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