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Asia Europe Journal

Volume 7 Number 1

Published: 2009
Price: by subsricption from Springer
Editor: Dr. Albrecht Rothacher (Vol1No1 - Vol8No1)
Publisher: Asia-Europe Foundation, Springer
ISBN: 1610-2932
Status: Available online via subscription

Regionalism and Regional Trade Agreements in Asia-Europe Trade Relations

Part I:  EU Free Trade Agreements with Emerging Asian Countries
Part II:  Emerging Regional Integration in East Asia
Part III:  Implications for the future of Asia-Europe relations


  • Europe and Asia must be involved with their global partners in finding solutions to this global crisis
    by José Manuel Durão Barroso

Original Papers

Part I:  EU  Free Trade Agreements with Emerging Asian Countries

  • EU trade relations with emerging Asia: Identifying the issues
    by Brigid Gavin and Alice Sindzingre
  • Negotiating an EU -  Korea  Free Trade Agreement: Easier said than done
    by Francoise Nicolas
  • Potential benefits from a deep EU - India Free Trade Agreement
    by Peter Holmes  and Anirudh Shingal
  • How is the EU - Asean Free Trade Agreement viewed by ASEAN stakeholders?
    by Bernadette Andreosso O'Callaghan
  • EU Trade  Negotiations with India, ASEAN and Korea: The question of fair labour standards
    by Dick Gupwell and Natalie Gupta
  • Civil society perspectives on EU Free Trade Agreements with emerging Asian countries
    by Marc Maes

Part II:  Emerging Regional Integration in East Asia

  • Future targets for regional integration in East Asia
    by Eiji Yamashita
  • The new generation of international investment agreements: Recent developments  in the Asia Pacific Region
    by Roberto Echandi
  • Regional trade arrangements in East Asia and vertical specialisation
    by Li Xinyi

Part III:  Implications for the future of  Asia-Europe relations

  • Japan, China and  East Asian regionalism: Implications for the European Union
    by Christopher Dent
  • Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Fostering a multipolar world order through Inter-regional co-operation
    by Michael Reiterer

Book Reviews

  • Government of Mongolia and UNDP: International conference of new or restored democracies. Proceedings of follow-up.
    by Albrecht Rothacher
  • Bertrand Fort and Douglas Webber (eds.): Regional Integration in East Asia and Europe. Convergence or divergence?
    by Albrecht Rothacher

Further information is available on the Asia Europe Journal Website.