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Asia Europe Journal

Volume 8 Number 4

Published: 2011
Price: by subscription from Springer
Editor: Manish Kakkar, Trinidad Osteria, Tomasz Kostka
Publisher: Asia-Europe Foundation, Springer
ISBN: 1610-2932
Status: Available online via subscription

Leading Essay

  • Japan’s new global health policy and ASEM initiative
    Yamahana Ikuo 

Editor's Introduction

Original Papers

  • Vulnerabilities of internal labour migrants and public health implications
    Anjali Borhade
  • Social determinants and risk factors for non-communicable diseases (NCDS) in South-Asian migrant populations in Europe
    Anita A. Davies, Carolyn Blake and Poonam Dhavan
  • Migration of health professionals from India to the European Union: Tracking the flow
    Sanghita Bhattacharyya, Indrajit Hazarika and Harish Nair
  • Health service utilization among widows living with HIV/AIDS: An interview survey in Manipur, India
    Jennifer Kipgen, C.A.K. Yesudian, Gaetano Marrone and Cecilia Stalsby Lundborg
  • Gender and the burden of disease in ten Asian countries: An explanatory analysis
    Stella R. Quah
  • Older women, health and social care in Singapore
    Treena Wu and Angelique Chan
  • Non-communicable disease risk factors in Mongolians aged 55-64 years
    Ts. Enkhjargal and I. Bolormaa
  • Regional and interregional integrative dynamics of ASEAN and EU in response to the avian influenza
    Naila Maier-Knapp

Book Reviews

  • Ejaz Ghani (ed.) (2010) The Poor Half Billion in South Asia: What is Holding Back Lagging Regions? (Oxford University Press: USA; World Bank)
    Manish Kakkar

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