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Asia Europe Journal

Volume 8 Number 3

Published: 2010
Price: by subscription from Springer
Editor: Barnard Turner
Publisher: Asia-Europe Foundation, Springer
ISBN: 1610-2932
Status: Available online via subscription


  • Notes on Contributors
    Leonie Nagarajan
  • Regional cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region: recommendations to foster a joint understanding and take action against common risks and threats
    Christina Gestrin
  • The Baltic Sea and South China Sea regions: incomparable models of regional integration?
    Michael North, Barnard Turner

Original Papers

  • Transcending borders: the sea as realm of memory
    Peter Borschberg, Michael North
  • The meaning of “late socialism”: analyzing Estonians’ post-communist memory culture
    Kirsti Jõesalu
  • Regional integration and (trans)cultural memory
    Astrid Erll
  • The construction of spatial regional identities: the case of the Baltic in a global context
    Barnard Turner
  • Chinese maritime concepts
    Sun Lixin
  • New structures, changing identities: the concepts of the Baltic Sea region
    Giedrius Janauskas
  • The Baltic as a shipping and information area: the role of Amsterdam in Baltic integration in early modern Europe
    Tamaki Toshiaki
  • Environmental and economic cooperation in the Mekong region
    Chheang Vannarith
  • Europe’s triple by-pass: The prognosis for Nord Stream, South Stream, and Nabucco
    David Dusseault
  • The role of coal in the development of the Baltic and South China Sea regions
    Elspeth Thomson, Krish Booluck
  • Energy security concerns of China and ASEAN: trigger for conflict or cooperation in the South China Sea?
    Zhao Hong
  • The South China Sea security problem: towards regional cooperation
    Pham Quang Minh

Book Reviews

  • Alasdair Blair. The European Union since 1945. 2nd edition Harlow-Pearson Longman, 2010. £ (GBP) 14.99, lvii +164 pp., (pbk). ISBN978-1-4082-3452-5
    Barnard Turner
  • Severino, Rodolfo C; Thomson, Elspeth; and Hong, Mark (eds.), Southeast Asia in a New Era: Ten Countries, One Region in ASEAN (Institute of Southeast Asian Studies: Singapore). 2009. 279+ pp
    A. Mani
  • Yeo Lay Hwee/Wilhelm Hofmeister (eds.), The Asia–Europe Meeting. Engagement, enlargement and expectations (EU Centre in Singapore: 2010), 113 pages
    Sebastian Bersick

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