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ASEF eNewsletter - September 2011

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         September 2011                     so much to share


“The performances are unique, courageous, and, like all creative acts, offer the potential of real change.”


Health on Stage underway in India

After a week of inter-cultural exchanges and learning the applications of ‘forum theatre’, young volunteers of the “Health on Stage” project will now use the applications and methodologies of forum theatre along with creative team-building exercises which they have learnt and get an in-depth understanding of the issue of water-related diseases.  More...




Crisis and regional integration

Financial and economic uncertainties tend to add impetus to greater regional integration, giving collective strength for dealing with crises. The ASEF workshop will use ‘foresight methodologies’ to discuss in-depth the possibilities for such regional integration. More...




European perceptions about 'Asia' 

ASEF is currently engaged in a research project examining perceptions of 'Asia' among European citizens and the media. So far 13,000 public opinion surveys are conducted with over 100 face-to-face interviews of top European media professionals. More...


World Culture Summit



ASEF at the World Summit on Arts and Culture

ASEF is participating at the World Summit on Arts and Culture (3-6 Oct) in Melbourne, where ASEF will showcase its arts and culture programmes, including, the new Asia-Europe Compendium of Cultural Policy  and a publication from Connect2Culture. More...


New perspectives on Asian Heritage 

Museums from Asia and Europe will embark on a new project to create a public directory of Asian artefacts in their collections. This will help curators and researchers study and locate Asian artifacts, and facilitate unique exhibitions in the future. More...

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ASEF University alumni on Public Health

As part of the 10th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the ASEF University Alumni Network (ASEFUAN), a two-day academic conference on “Securing Public Health in a Globalised World” was held in Amsterdam from 3-4 August 2011.  More...



En Route to Rio +20

The Asia-Europe Environment Forum organised an experts’ workshop in Yogyakarta, Indonesia (17-18 July 2011). This workshop was the first of a series of three workshops leading up to the upcoming “Rio+20” Conference in June 2012. More...



Arts, culture and environmental changes

According to three passionate art advocates: ‘The arts have an important role to play in helping communities deal with environmental change and globalisation’. These advocates took part in the Connect2Culture programme organised by ASEF. More...


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Young Volunteers promote Public Health Dialogue through Forum Theatre in South India

ASEF's 10th Asia-Europe Young Volunteers Exchange (AEYVE) programme was featured in Indian news media The PioneerThis Week in Bangalore and News One.


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ASEF team members get published by international online magazine 

Public Service Europe online magazine published an article, “Europe must learn from the E. coli outbreak” written by ASEF Intellectual Exchange team members. Read the article on the Public Service Europe website.



New Executive Committee for the ASEF University Alumni Network (ASEFUAN)


Members of the new Executive Committee of the ASEF University Alumni Network (ASEFUAN) were elected at the ASEFUAN Annual General Meeting held last month in The Netherlands.




In Memoriam: Dragan Klaic (1950-2011)


Dr Klaic was a speaker at the ASEF programme Asia-Europe Colloquium on Contemporary Performing Arts ‘Critically Speaking’ in Singapore (September 2005). He will be remembered as a brilliant analyst of the cultural sector in Europe.



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Learning from the crisis: How can Asia and Europe respond to future financial and economic crises?

14-16 SEP 2011

Ljubljana, Slovenia


Asia in the Eyes of Europe Workshop

26-27 SEP 2011

Vienna, Austria


ASEF at the IFACCA 5th World Summit on Arts and Culture

3-6 OCT 2011

Melbourne, Australia


ASEMUS 2011 Executive Committee Meeting

6-7 OCT 2011

Gothenburg, Sweden


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