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ASEF eNewsletter - March 2012


March 2012                    so much to share



“Migration is a fact of life and governments face the challenge of integrating the health needs of migrants into national plans, policies and strategies” – as reported by the World Health Organization (March 2010)

A public talk on "Health and Migration"

The ASEF Public Health Network will organise a Public Talk “Health and Migration: perspectives from Asia and Europe” on 7 March 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. It will be co-organised with Casa Asia. This event will be an interactive forum to discuss different socio-economic and cultural determinants that affect migrants’ health across Asia and Europe. More...


ASEF Executive Director congratulates the world’s Top Think Tanks 

ASEF Executive Director Ambassador Michel Filhol congratulates ASEF's partners and participatory experts who have been recognised as among the Top Global Think Tanks by the 2011 Global Go To Think Tanks Rankings and associated trends report. More...


Asia-Europe collaboration on health of migrants 

The recent significant increase of population mobility between Asia and Europe needs a closer collaboration with a multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral approach towards migrants’ health. Based on this, ASEF Public Health Network will organise a series of Research Exchange Workshops over 2012-2013. More...


ASEM InfoBoard relaunched 

ASEF has just launched the newly updated and redeveloped ASEM InfoBoard, the official website of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM). First launched in 2004, the InfoBoard has recently been undergoing a major reconstruction to include a new design, better navigation and effective information-finding functionalities. More...


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Preparedness is the key 

Mr Martin Seychell, Deputy Director General of the Directorate General for Health and Consumers, European Commission, complimented ASEF’s commitment in strengthening Asia-Europe public health cooperation during the Public Briefing “Asia and Europe: are we prepared for future pandemics” in Brussels (2 Feb 2012). More...


Global Higher Education Forum 2011 

Prof Dr Erich Thöni, member of the ASEM Education Hub's Advisory Committee highlighted some discussion points from the 2nd Asia-Europe Education Workshop (University of Innsbruck, Austria, 5-7 Jun 2011) during his presentation at the Global Higher Education Forum 2011. More...


Seeing beyond an exhibition 

Alexandra Graff from Hungary shares her personal reflections on working on the photo and video exhibition “Shared Heritage: As we see it” as the show arrived in Budapest. The exhibition showcased the pictures and videos captured by participants of the 17th ASEF University in Penang in 2011. More...


Submit your film


Short Film Contest

Asia-Europe Short Films Contest is launched! Send us your film and win a flight to Singapore for a 2-day filmmaking workshop or SGD5000 for the first place winner.



Indonesian Culture week in Singapore


The Alliance Française Singapore presented A Week of Indonesian Culture in Singaporebased on the works of French journalist and writer Dr Elizabeth D. Inandiak. The week-long affair, supported by ASEF, showcased the culture of the people living around the Merapi volcano in Central Java through an exhibition, seminar, film and dance.



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Health and Migration: perspectives from Asia and Europe 

07 MAR 2012

Barcelona, Spain


Socio-economic and cultural determinants of migrants' health across Asia and Europe

08-09 MAR 2012

Barcelona, Spain


"Connected Histories, Shared Future" Travelling Exhibition

18 MAY 2012


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