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Cities: Living Labs for Culture?

Case Studies from Asia and Europe

Cities of today are becoming vibrant spaces for experimentation, a process in which culture has come to occupy a central place. ‘Creative cities’ and ‘capitals of culture’ that have emerged across Asia and Europe attest to the growing importance of these dynamic new centres of arts and creativity. Cities are also emerging as epicentres for effective policymaking, as they are often able to act quickly and offer more integrated responses. Therefore, it may be argued that cities in Asia and Europe are indeed evolving into living labs for culture. The publication presented by Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) showcases 27 examples of policy and practice drawing from the experiences of over 40 cities in Asia and Europe. The variety of cases in this publication offer good opportunities for knowledge exchange between cities in Asia and Europe and provide learning arenas for artists, arts managers, educators, urban planners as well as public sector representatives. The publication was launched at the 8th ASEF Public Forum on Creative Cities in Asia and Europe - Cities: Living Labs for Culture? (24 November 2015, Gwangju, Korea). Case studies and messages from this publication were presented at the first Seniors Officials Meeting (2 February 2016, Gwangju, Korea) in preparation for the 7th ASEM Cultural Ministers’ Meeting (22-24 June 2016, Gwangju, Korea).