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ASEF Public Diplomacy Handbook

How to Win Hearts and Minds

Published: 2016
Publisher: ASEF
Related project: Asia-Europe Public Diplomacy Training Initiative 2016
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Published as part of the Asia-Europe Public Diplomacy Training Initiative, the ASEF Public Diplomacy Handbook offers useful insights for diplomats and civil society actors on the topic of public diplomacy in Asia and Europe. The handbook provides a theoretical foundation and practical tools to construct a successful public diplomacy campaign in the context of Asia-Europe relations. Each chapter combines theories on a relevant topic with useful information obtained from the authors’ hands-on experience. The accompanying interviews with high-profile professionals provide insightful knowledge on the role of public diplomacy in enhancing Asia-Europe cooperation.

  • Chapter 1: Public Diplomacy, Concepts and Methods
  • Chapter 2: The Changing Face of Asia-Europe Relations
  • Chapter 3: Images and Perceptions in Public Diplomacy
  • Chapter 4: How to Work with Media Content
  • Chapter 5: How to Work with Public Opinion
  • Chapter 6: How to Use Digital Tools and Social Media
  • Chapter 7: How to Interact with Stakeholders (Advocacy)
  • Chapter 8: How to Manage a Public Diplomacy Campaign and Public Affairs