Alkantara is an association based in Lisbon, dedicated to the development of the performing arts in Portugal and in an international context.  Its work is motivated by a worldview mindful of difference and a less Eurocentric vision of contemporary artistic creation.

The alkantara festival, an intense program of performing arts held in Lisbon, had its first edition in 2006 (between 1993 and 2004 it was known as Danças na Cidade festival).
A wide range of initiatives — including international meetings, a residency program, national and international co-productions, and research and publishing projects — allow alkantara to reinforce its position as a key player in the local cultural scene and pursue its objectives of promoting and distributing international contemporary art.

Because the value of transversality is at the association’s core, alkantara also leads various training and outreach programs, designed to bring diverse audiences into closer contact with contemporary art.

Since being ceded to alkantara by the Lisbon Municipality in 2008, espaço alkantara, has become the center of the association’s activities and a welcome challenge to its artistic project.