Founded in 1991 in response to the revolutionary changes that were transforming Central and Eastern Europe, CEU is based on the premise that human fallibility can be counterbalanced by the critical discussion of ideas and that this critical spirit can be sustained best in societies where people are free to choose the nature and direction of their government.
Located in Budapest and accredited in the United States and Hungary, CEU draws on the research tradition of great American universities and on the most valuable intellectual traditions of Central Europe. It offers English-language programs in the social sciences, humanities, business, law, environmental sciences, mathematics, and public policy.
With some 1,400 students and 400 faculty members from over 100 countries, CEU is one of the most densely international universities in the world. Its rare mix of nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures creates an ideal environment for sharing perspectives and challenging assumptions. Students, faculty, researchers, and visitors come together to explore such intriguing topics as emerging democracies, transitional economies, media freedom, constitution building, nationalism, human rights law, and conflict resolution.