DWCU started as a specific school to train minister assistants in 1906 initiated by Zending van de Gereformeerde Kerken in Netherland (The Netherlands Reformed Church). With the support of the synods of central Java Indonesian Christian Church, Javanese Christian Church and Eastern Javanese Church, the school was developed into theological academy in 1956 to provide better education for the church workers. On October 31, 1962 the academy became Duta Wacana Seminary of Theology. The transformation as a higher education institute continued when the seminary, under the support of twelve synods, decided to establish Duta Wacana Christian University on October 31, 1985, to reach its vision of creating peace, freedom and justice base on love. The term “Duta Wacana” in Sanskrit conveys an approximate meaning of being ‘an ambassador for knowledge’ or ‘a messenger of the world’. DWCU campus is located strategically at the heart of Yogyakarta, the well-known city of students, culture, heritage, and tourism. As an urban university in a heritage city, our campus has an easy access for the civitas academica to both modern facility and heritage site.