Established in 2011, this think tank is dedicated to promoting closer relations between the EU and Asia.

The inexorable shift in the global balance of economic and political power towards Asia has profound consequences for the EU. There is a serious risk that Asia and Europe will drift apart, making it increasingly difficult to tackle global challenges. It is therefore necessary to encourage serious strategic thinking in Europe about the implications of the rise of Asia and the future course of EU-Asia relations.

The EU-Asia Centre aims to fill this void and establish itself as the leading, Brussels-based research policy think tank on EU-Asia relations, covering developments in Asia and relations between the EU and Asia. In addition to publishing our own policy papers and hosting our own events, our aim is to be the hub of a network spanning institutes and think tanks around Europe and Asia. The website will be a repository of all official events pertaining to EU-Asia relations; it will have a calendar of events run by partner and other organisations; and it will provide useful links to a range of government, academic, think tank, business and media organisations.