The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) was founded in 1925 as a political legacy of Germany´s fi rst democratically elected president, Friedrich Ebert. Since the beginning of the foundation’s work in South, Southeast and East Asia the focus has been the promotion of democracy and the strengthening of the social dimension of economic development. In the past few years, the international dialogue within Asia as well as between Asia and Europe, and the issue of crisis prevention have gained important stakes in the work of the foundation. In its work the foundation co-operates with a number of governmental institutions, trade unions, political parties, social movements, NGOs, media and scientific institutions, as well as international organizations.

The role of the Offi ce for Regional Cooperation in Asia based in Singapore is to support the social dimension of Southeast and East Asian co-operation and integration, the Asia-Europe dialogue and partnership activities in the ASEAN member states Cambodia and Laos where there are no FES offices.

The office’s activities include dialogue programmes, international and regional conferences (e.g. on economic and social policy, regional integration and comprehensive security), Asia-Europe exchanges, research, as well as programmes with trade unions. For more information, please visit