The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) is an intergovernmental organization with a mission to support democracy worldwide. The objectives of the Institute are to support stronger democratic institutions and processes, and more effective and legitimate democracy. International IDEA produces comparative knowledge on electoral processes, constitution building, political participation and representation, democracy and development, and on democracy as it relates to gender, diversity, conflict and security.

IDEA’s work is non-prescriptive and takes an impartial and collaborative approach to democracy cooperation emphasizing diversity in democracy, equal political participation, representation of women and men in politics and decision making, and helping to enhance the political will required for change.

IDEA brings this knowledge to national and local actors who are working for democratic reform and facilitates dialogue in support of democratic change. In its work, IDEA aims for:

• Increased capacity, legitimacy and credibility of democracy

• More inclusive participation and accountable representation

• More effective and legitimate democracy cooperation.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, the Institute has offices in the Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, West Asia and North Africa regions.