INTO is an international network of National Trusts and similar non governmental organisations, globally diverse but united by a shared commitment to conserving and sustaining our shared heritage – built and natural, tangible and intangible.

Through cooperation, coordination and comradeship between the international community of National Trusts, INTO works to develop and promote best conservation practices, increase the capacity of individual organisations, establish Trusts where they do not presently exist, and advocate in the interests of heritage conservation. Our objectives are:

  1. To foster international cooperation and coordination between National Trusts and like heritage organisations;
  2. To formulate and promote conservation best practices;
  3. To increase and enhance the capacity of individual National Trusts;
  4. To encourage the establishment and development of National Trusts and like heritage organisations where they do not presently exist;
  5. To pursue advocacy in the interests of conservation of cultural and natural heritage

In general, to advance the objectives of the Edinburgh Declaration for the Improved Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage at the National and Local Levels.  (INTO Charter Article 2.2)