The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for developing education, science, cultural, sport youth policies, and international cooperation in these fields. The mandate of the Ministry of Education and Culture covers:

The Ministry develops conditions for education, know-how, lifelong learning, creativity and citizens’ social participation and well-being. The values underlying this vast sector are civilisation, welfare, democracy and creativity. Other important principles in the Ministry’s operations are expertise, responsibility, openness and future-orientation.

There are two ministers at the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Minister of Education and Science is responsible for matters relating to education and research and the Minister of Culture and Sport for matters relating to culture, sports, youth, copyright and student financial aid. Division of responsibilities between ministers in the government:

State Secretaries assists the minister in matters relating to political steering and preparatory work. Permanent Secretary is responsible for leading, developing and supervising the activities of the Ministry and its administrative sector.