The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA), established in 1991 as a school of governance and training of professionals for essential social areas, is a landmark in the Romanian academic setting.

Throughout its existence over more than two decades, SNSPA has trained knowledgeable professionals who contribute to the design up and implementation of public policies in state institutions, to the development of the country’s international affairs, to business organization and management in private companies, to the improvement of communication and to the process of nation or company branding.

Known both nationally and internationally, SNSPA is a state institution of higher education, scientific research and professional academic training offering undergraduate degrees, master’s degrees and doctoral studies. SNSPA has proved to be a successful project, being one of the most popular institutions with high school graduates or professionals in different domains who wish to pursue a degree.

SNSPA trains and develops professional competencies in Political Sciences, Sociology, Administrative Studies, International Relations, Diplomacy, European Studies, Communication Sciences, Psychology, Management, Human Resources, thus contributing to change at national and international level, a change based on democratic values and principles.

The SNSPA institutional vision consists in promoting and implementing a unique relationship between academic learning and genuine change in Romania. SNSPA constantly trains Romanian elite and aims to extend this training capacity at regional level. SNSPA is a university that adapts to the requirements of the Europeanization and globalization processes.

SNSPA aims to become a provider of governance competences so that in the following years it can develop its capacity of having elite graduates who will contribute to the responsible governance of Romania and the European Union.


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