NICE is NGO/ NPO to organize workcamps and other voluntary projects mainly in Japan.

NICE was founded on the 4th Feb. in 1990 by the 7 youth who had done the workcamps or other types of voluntary service programs abroad.

To achieve the above aims, NICE mainly organizes the following activities;

– Organize Short Term (1-6 weeks/ mostly international) Workcamps mainly in Japan

– Send volunteers from Japan to Short Term workcamps all over the world

– Organize LMTV (over 6 weeks) projects mainly in Japan and send volunteers abroad

– Organize Weekend (less than 1 week) Workcamps in Japan

– Organize Group Workcamps (in 2012, 26 projects in 8 countries)

It has been developing rapidly and variously with huge needs projects & motivations of people!