Odaia Creativa/ The Creative Room is a non-governmental organization based in Bucharest, Romania. Founded in June 2010, we use a mix of research, visual tools and new media to increase understanding of urban and regional development processes in Central and Eastern Europe for local communities and national/local authorities.

Our organizational objectives are:
1.     To develop tools and methodologies that synthesize urban and regional realities
Our projects illustrate why bottlenecks and social disparities persist, what is missed from the mainstream discourse and best practice elements
2.     To demystiphy complex urban and regional issues
More than connecting the dots, we raise awareness on issues that are rarely present in the public debates, such as vulnerability to natural hazards, urban economy elements, accessibility to public utilities and goods and sustainable design principles.
3.     To engage academics, local communities, national and local authorities, non-governmental and community organizations, policy analysts, professionals, think tanks, urban designers and youth leaders in a critical thinking process.

We advocate for a wider range of stakeholders to be included in the urban and regional development processes and we establish new forms of dialogue between these different groups and interests.