The National Museums of World Culture is a government agency under the Swedish Ministry of Culture. Its mission is defined in ordinance SFS (2007:1185) and through annual appropriation directions. The ordinance tasks the National Museums of World Culture with showcasing and bringing to life the cultures of the world, particularly those originating outside of Sweden.

The agency is to document and illuminate the conditions and forms of expressions of other cultures as well as interaction between cultures and cultural variation—historical and modern, national and international. Another task is to promote interdisciplinary knowledge enhancement and various forms of public activities.

Its operations are carried out in Sweden’s two largest cities: In Stockholm at Etnografiska museet, Medelhavsmuseet, Östasiatiska museet and Bergrummet, and in Gothenburg at Världskulturmuseet.

As a national museum, our mission includes national and international outreach, in particular in relation to the origins of our collections.