The Yonsei-SERI EU Centre was founded in March 2009, with the generous support of the European Commission. Under the partnership of Yonsei University and Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI), the Centre aims to establish itself as a major hub for promoting EU-related research, education and outreach activities and to elevate the nation’s awareness and knowledge of the EU. Spokes of this hub would extend to other Asian nations, carrying information on EU-Asia activities and shared interests. To accomplish these objectives, Centre activities are based on the following four strategic goals ; outreach, academic activities, academic exchanges, and networking. In order to accomplish the said goals, the Yonsei-SERI EU Centre seeks to expand research and academic exchange between EU and Korean scholars, organize a number of forums, conferences, and seminars targeting policymakers and officials in Korea, promote student learning and the development of EU studies in Korea, and network with other EU-Korea related institutes for maximum effect.