We report to a Board of Governors that reflects the cultural diversity of our organisation. Our Governors are picked by ASEM partners, and they hold office for three years. Many of our Governors are currently in ambassadorial positions; also on the Board are individuals with a wealth of experience in the areas of policy-making and education.

The Board meets once a year. It reviews our strategy and policies to ensure that we are keeping with the ASEM’s principles and priorities. The Board also oversees our finances and budgeting, and this includes granting approval for our projects and programmes.

The Board elects a new Chair and Deputy Chair every year. To ensure fair representation, if the Chair is a European, the Deputy Chair will be an Asian, and vice-versa. The Board is also responsible for appointing our Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director.

Chair (2022): Dr Darmp SUKONTASAP (Thailand)
Vice-Chair (2022): Mr Javier Parrondo (Spain)