Asia and Europe are equal partners in each other’s regions. Both regions share a common vision of economic progress, cultural growth and sustainable development. To build a shared future, the exchange of ideas, resources and technological advancements are increasingly vital. ASEF’s and the EUC’s strategic role is to help Asia and Europe achieve mutual goals. We do so by facilitating greater engagement between civil societies and governments, and more importantly, through appreciating similarities and celebrating differences.

By the end of 2011, ASEF has organised around 1027 activities around ASEM countries in Asia and Europe, among which 616 activities were organised in Asia, taking up 60% of all of ASEF’s activities, while the other 40% took place in Europe:

683 partner organisations from various ASEM countries have worked with ASEF to bring the people together and successfully conducted projects and activities all over ASEM countries, 401 of them were based in Asia and 282 of them from Europe:

“I think what is interesting about this whole recent crisis is how little people realise that Europe can affect us… People are now starting to pay a lot more attention to Europe and what’s happening there.” - Singaporean Business Leader, EU through the Eyes of Asia “I think it [Asia] is still rising, there is still a lot of work to be done here. This century is going to be the Asian century” - UK Media respondent, Asia in the Eyes of Europe “I just think that there is a growing realisation that Asia is a much a bigger part of everybody’s lives in Europe...there is also a realisation that everyone is saying that Asia will own the 21st century. There is certainly a lot more interest than there was five years ago in Asia.” - UK media respondent, Asia in the Eyes of Europe