Youth plays a unique role in shaping tomorrow’s societies .The best form of empowerment that we can give our youth is education. It is crucial to impart them with the right skills, knowledge, and attitudes to be effective contributors to a world of ever-changing socio-economic, political, and environmental realities.

ASEF provides learning opportunities for the youth of Asia and Europe through training, research, ICT, and volunteering projects. We also link them up with specialists and policymakers to help develop educational policies and share best practices, so as to benefit the next generation of leaders from Asia and Europe.

Our Activities

  • Perceptions of the European Union among Tertiary Education Students in Singapore For his study, Associate Professor Barnard Turner polled some 700 students from Singapore’s three main universities during the third quarter of 2008 to assess their views of the European Union. The respondents were asked to assess the relative importance of various countries/regions to Singapore. Here, the results are seen against the overall response of respondents throughout Asia in the NCRE-ASEF public opinion survey on the same question.
  • ASEF University ASEF University (AU) is a two-week programme that promotes cross-cultural exchange among the youth from ASEM countries.
  • Asia-Europe Young Volunteers Exchange The Asia-Europe Young Volunteers Exchange (AEYVE) fosters mutual understanding, cooperation and exchange between voluntary service organisations in the two regions. The programme focuses on capacity-building, featuring key components such as training, field implementation with the local communities in ASEM countries, and project evaluation.
  • Asia-Europe Classroom Network Launched in December 1998, the Asia-Europe Classroom Network (AEC-NET) connects secondary and high schools from the two regions through online collaborative projects with the use of ICT andface-to-face exchanges. Today, AEC-NET comprises 881 secondary and high schools across 44 ASEM countries. The network has also engaged 13,423 students to work on AEC projects.
  • ASEM Education Hub The ASEM Education Hub (AEH) was established at the 2nd ASEM Summit in London in 1998. It facilitates and promotes cooperation among higher education stakeholders in Asia and Europe.

ASEF University

An annual initiative held at locations alternating between Asia and Europe, ASEF University (AU) is a two-week programme that promotes cross-cultural exchange among the youth from ASEM countries. Each year, students and young professionals are invited to join the programme, which explores current Asia-Europe issues through lectures, workshops, field visits and other interactive activities.

“My work with ASEFUAN, through my participation in ASEF University, made me realise just how much Asia and Europe have in common—issues, challenges, aspirations. Now, Europe to me is no longer just a geographical place - but a people, and one that is closely bound with Asia.” - from former ASEFUAN president, Krizna Gomez, the Philippines “The 17th ASEF University was an amazing experience, it has opened up a new world to me, reminding me there are no real borders and we are all united by what we share while also learning from one another though our differences. I have met incredible people from over 30 countries that have and will continue to go on inspiring me as colleagues and friends.” - Charlotte Gregory , United Kingdom “ASEF University was a truly amazing experience for me, mostly because I got a chance to meet and work with my peers from Asia, to hear their perspective on the global issues and make lasting friendships. ” - Anastasia Baskina, Russia

Asia-Europe Young Volunteers Exchange

Through the Asia-Europe Young Volunteers Exchange (AEYVE), ASEF aims to foster mutual understanding, co-operation and exchange between voluntary service organisations in the two regions. The programme employs capacity-building as its method, which includes training, field implementation with the local communities in ASEM countries and evaluation as key components of the project.

“The AEYVE proved that people from diverse cultural backgrounds can work together towards a common goal.” - Felimon Blanco, the Philippines “Young people need a project like the AEYVE to be happy, inspired and powerful for bringing positive changes into our society.” - Margerita Meri, Estonia

Did you know?

  • 2001 was proclaimed as the year of volunteers by the UN General Assembly. In the same year ASEF initiated its work in international voluntary service.
  • Through AEYVE about 200 young international volunteers from Asia and Europe have given their energy, creativity and ideas to address and work on pertinent global topics, such as Public Health and Environment.
  • In 2011, Health on Stage marked ASEF’s decade-long dedication and commitment to the promotion of International Voluntary Service in the ASEM area. It commemorated the United Nations Volunteers’ (UNV) 10th Anniversary of the International Year of Volunteering (IYV+10) and the European Year of Volunteering.

Asia-Europe Classroom Network

Technology-driven connectivity and interactivity will propel the future of education. Launched in December 1998, the Asia-Europe Classroom Network (AEC-NET) offers a glimpse of the immense possibilities by connecting secondary and high schools through online interactive projects.

AEC-NET is a ‘cyber classroom’ that promotes intellectual exchange and intercultural learning among secondary and high school teachers, as well as students of Asia and Europe. To date, the programme comprises 881 secondary and high schools from 44 ASEM countries. It has also engaged 13,423 students working on AEC projects.

“The most remarkable platform to take students beyond the four walls of the classroom.” - Geeta Rajan, India “My concept, methods, idea of teaching has developed dramatically since I join the AEC-NET. The best experience ever!” - Karsten Madsen, Denmark “AEC-NET is an effective platform for Asian and European schools to collaborate beyond the classrooms.” - Kelvin Yew, Singapore