ASEF 15th Anniversary

ASEF 15 Anniversary

Over the decades, Asia and Europe have evolved together through political dialogue, economic cooperation and social, cultural and people-to-people exchanges, seeking a common ground while putting aside differences. Since 1997, the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) has been instrumental in deepening such political and intellectual ties between the two regions. After the historic inaugural Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Summit in 1996, ASEF was established to play a strategic role in connecting civil society with governments – encouraging mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit between the ASEM member states.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of ASEF. A time to look back and cherish the successful outcomes of that cooperation between countries and regions. At the same time to celebrate the spirit of sharing and setting common goals for a future together.

To commemorate 15 years of bridging people between Asia and Europe, a number of special projects and events will be organised throughout the year. So come and join us!


Participate in the following ASEF15 projects:

Learn more about other ASEF15 projects:

Asia-Europe Short Films Contest
6 Feb – 9 Apr 2012; Singapore

............... Asia and Europe: Coming Together or Drifting Apart?
16 May 2012; Singapore

Shared Heritage: As We See It
11 May – 13 Jun 2012; Singapore

Managing Heritage Cities in Asia and Europe: the Role of Public-Private Partnerships

12-14 Jul 2012; Indonesia

“Connected Histories. Shared Future” Travelling Exhibition
17 May – Nov 2012; Singapore and Laos


Model ASEM Conference
“Friends for Peace, Partners for Prosperity”

Jul 2012; Singapore

When Strangers Meet: Visions of Asia and Europe in Film
18 May – 3 Jun 2012; Singapore editorial meeting 2012
August 2012; Singapore

18th ASEF University:
“Conscious Consumers for
Environmental Sustainability”
18 Aug – 1 Sep 2012; Estonia 

ASEMUS General Conference 2012
13-15 Sep 2012; Korea 


3rd ASEM Rectors’ Conference and 1st Asia-Europe Students’ Forum
24-28 Sep 2012; The Netherlands


Asia-Europe Classroom Network (AEC-NET)
18 October 2012; Singapore


6th Asia-Europe Editors’ Roundtable
12-13 October 2012; Thailand


ASEM Outlook Workshop
3-4 December 2012; Singapore

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