Established within the framework of the Asia-Europe Museum Network (ASEMUS), the ASEMUS online platform has been designed to reinforce the exchange of knowledge and information between museum professionals across Asia and Europe, as well as enhance the visibility of the network among wider audiences.

Since its re-launch on the online portal, the site has enhanced the profiling of individual museum members, as well as their joint projects and activities. In 2012, its online traffic has accounted for circa 34,000 unique visitors, and reached close to 80,000 page views.  The ASEMUS monthly newsletter was sent to more than 1,800 recipients.

If you wish to receive news and updates about museums in Asia and Europe, please subscribe to the ASEMUS newsletter. If you wish to share your museum experience and knowledge with like-minded people, please join our Community of Museum Professionals on You can check museum profiles and featured museum professionals or recommend a museum in your country.

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