Museums from Asia and Europe will embark on a new project to create a public directory of the Asian artefacts in their collections. This will help curators and researchers study and locate Asian artefacts. This will facilitate unique exhibitions in the future, bringing new perspectives on Asian heritage. 

The Mapping of Asian Collections Project was first proposed at the last Asia-Europe Museum Network (ASEMUS) General Conference held in Paris, France, in September 2010. This project is to encourage collaboration among the 80 member museums in Asia and Europe. It will also inspire more museums to join the Network. 

A directory of heritage experts will also allow members to tap on each other’s expertise. Once completed, the database and directory will be featured on the new ASEMUS website.
A preparatory meeting in this regard took place in Singapore (18-19 July 2011). This was organised by the ASEMUS Secretariat and the National Heritage Board of Singapore.

Representatives from France, Malaysia, Poland and Singapore prepared an action plan.  This plan will be presented at the ASEMUS Executive Committee Meeting in Sweden in October 2011.