Asia-Europe Co-operation in Voluntary Service (VolunAEt)


The Asia-Europe Co-operation in Voluntary Service (VolunAEt), was initiated in 2001 as part of ASEF’s strategy to promote the UN Declaration on the International Year of Volunteering 2001.

The first project implemented under this pillar, entitled the Asia-Europe Young Volunteers Exchange (AEYVE), was co-organised with the Co-ordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service, ASEF’s long-term partners in the field of volunteering. The AEYVE aims to foster mutual understanding, co-operation and exchange between voluntary service organisations in Asia and Europe. The programme employs capacity-building as its method, which includes training, implementation and evaluation as key components of the project.

To complement the AEYVE, the Networking Conference for Asian and European Young Volunteers (NAEYV) was convened. NAEYV aims to promote the visibility and values of voluntary service as one of the main non-formal education tools in Asia and Europe. With its first edition in 2007, the NAEYV centralises advocacy and partnership building with the IVS-impact, recognition and policies.

In 2011, NAEYV marked ASEF’s 10th year in co-operation in Voluntary Service in the two regions, while AEYVE marked its 10th edition.

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