Pakistan experienced devastating floods in July 2010 plunging over one-fifth of the country under water, according to the Pakistani National Disaster Management Authority. The floods were largely blamed on climate change.

Several extensive floods that occurred last year were linked to climate change. Besides Pakistan and China, Australia also experienced severe flooding. Russia experienced forest fires brought about by extremely high temperatures. While parts of Europe experienced severely low temperatures during winter.

Whither climate change negotiations?

In Cancún and earlier in Copenhagen, it was obvious that there was still a long way to go for countries to reach a common agreement on the way forward for planet earth.  There are significant divergent notions of impact, responsibilities and historical contexts that underpin the climate change debate. The clock is ticking as the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012.

The Asia-Europe Foundation, in partnership with the Regional Environmental Centre in Hungary and the Beijing based China Daily newspaper, is organising the 6th Asia-Europe Journalists’ Seminar  “Climate Change Negotiations: Can the media play a role in sustaining the momentum from Cancún.”  This event (4-6 June) in Budapest will gather some 20 journalists, academics, and experts from the field of climate change. They will exchange perspectives on the impact, responsibilities and the historical context underpinning climate change debate between Asia and Europe.

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