Social enterprises are receiving renewed attention and interest. With political, economic as well as demographic challenges, governments and public bodies in both Asia and Europe are looking at social enterprises, because of their potential to deliver sustainable services and bring positive impact on local economies. However, to maximise the potential of the social enterprises, social enterprises need better policy reforms.

Seizing this momentum from the policy front, the Asia-Europe Foundation’s (ASEF) Public Health Network  together with the British Council will organise a policy dialogue on 15-16 July, in Berlin, Germany. Asia-Europe senior policy influencers will participate in this policy dialogue ‘Developing a Better Policy Context for Social Enterprises in Asia and Europe’.

This event will be an opportunity to share Asian and European expertise for developing support structures that allow social enterprises to flourish. The discussions will focus on achieving specific recommendations in supporting policies at national and regional levels in the following four areas: public service delivery, social investment innovation, regulatory and tax frameworks, and social impact evidencing.

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