The Netherlands

In the hustle and bustle of the Saturday shopping frenzy, representatives from ASEF, Zero Plastic Week and the Environment Centre Rotterdam, exchanged more than 500 plastic bags for reusable cotton ones. “Many passers-by became quite intrigued in the negative effects of disposable plastic bags. Some even invited friends and family to also exchange their plastic bags”, says Ms Kina MARKOVA, coordinator of the activity.

While using a reusable plastic bag is a first step in becoming more environmentally conscious, the passers-by were also encouraged by Zero Plastic Week to abstain from buying any new plastic item for one week. The bags collected during the Dutch chapter of ASEF Green Action will be donated to a local artist who will create various items such as more sustainable bags or accessories.


After the school visits and bag exchanges organised in April 2013, youth in Tres Cantos – Madrid, Spain actively participated in a recycling workshop on making jewelleries out of used bottle caps and magazine pictures. Ms Fátima Mera ALCELDE, City Councellor of Youth, Family and Children in Tres Cantos, described the success of the workshop as follows: “From all the workshops which took place on Saturday, the participation in the recycling workshop was the highest.” The participating youth shared that a creative, innovative and entertaining activity such as this one is the best way to inform people about the impact of plastic and garbage to our bodies and the environment.

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