The Polish chapter of ASEF Green Action took place at the Primary School nr 10 in Warsaw. Some 300 pupils participated in environmental awareness activities on the effects of plastic. During the action day, the students were invited to swap ten plastic bags for an eco-friendly one. Prior to the action, the students had attended a class related to the theme for a better understanding of the action’s aim and objectives.

Julia OLSZEWSKA, coordinator of ASEF Green Action in Poland and participant of the 18th ASEF University (AU18): “When I headed to the school with over 300 canvas bags some doubts ran through my head. A few days earlier, the principal wrote me that she was not sure if the children would remember to bring the plastic bags as the exchange was scheduled on a Monday after a long weekend break.

Upon arrival, two students, Maks and Bartek, volunteered to help out with the exchange. Their positive attitude and engagement lifted my spirits. The bell rang and I hear... ‘I have 23 bags’, ‘I brought 70’! A long queue of girls and boys was formed in front of us. Maks and Bartek were coordinating the counting and exchanging of the bags. Slowly the cardboard box, where the plastic bags were put, began to fill up. A new and larger one was necessary to keep all the bags.

The youngest children were the most enthusiastic and exchanged the largest number of bags. The following note was a touching moment: ‘Szymon could not come today. Here are his 23 bags’. There is also room for improvement as a few children brought brand new, unused plastic bags straight from the shop.

After two hours, four 120 liter bags filled with plastic bags were collected! In October 2013, an "upcycling" workshop will be organised at the school. The pupils will then be encouraged to join in this activity for more environmental awareness.”

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