Later this week, ASEMUS members along with other friends and colleagues will meet at the Weltmuseum in Vienna, for the ASEMUS General Conference. Under the theme Exploring Borders, the conference will address museum work which very often involves being confronted by ‘borders’ of various sorts – be it boundaries of the national or disciplinary kind. 

Within the Conference programme, the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) will support a panel titled: The Post-colonial Museum: Visions and Trends from Asia and Europe. The panel will address questions such as what does a ‘postcolonial museum’ look like in the contemporary digital age and how are museums transforming from merely being physical places to cultural spaces, which enable participation, production, innovation, inclusivity. 

We invite you to download the final programme and brochure of the Conference and follow#ExploringBorders on ASEMUS Facebook and Twitter for updates. 

Also this month, we are pleased to showcase the recently-redesigned website of the Visual Collection of Asian Masterpieces which presents a new masterpiece each day.

Finally, we invite you to read about some recent publications, including a report on private museums in Poland and a comparative study involving museums in Indonesia and the Netherlands.


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