Curating-In-Depth is an incubation project between non-governmental institutions in Asia and Europe, which focus on the development of in-depth education for curators of contemporary visual arts. The project responds to the phenomenon of “parachuting curators” who often have minimal engagement with the new cultural milieu they work in. In response, Curating-In-Depth brings together young curators from Asia and Europe for in-depth knowledge exchange through lectures, workshops, research works and study excursions in Croatia, the Philippines and Slovenia.


The first phase of the project took place in Slovenia and Croatia in May 2015. Sidd PEREZ, Curator from Planting Rice has reported on the first phase of Curating-In-Depth on culture360.


The second phase of the project will take place from 28 July–8 August 2015 in a variety of venues in Manila, including De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde and the Lopez Museum and Library. Thirteen emerging curators from 5 ASEM countries, including the Philippines, will take part in the activities in Manila.


The project partners include Center for Contemporary Arts/SCCA (Slovenia), Planting Rice (the Philippines) and Kurziv (Croatia). The project has been selected for ASEF’s support through the 4th edition of Creative Encounters: Cultural Partnerships between Asia and Europe.

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