ASEF is pleased to introduce the second member of the jury panel of the On the Go photo contest. Named by Nikon as one of Asia's top photographers, Mr Stefen CHOW has garnered awards from the World Press Photo, National Geographic, Photographie de la Paris and has been featured by BBC, PDN, Foreign Policy and Le Lettre de la Photographie. Here is an interview with Stefen CHOW.

Q. What is creativity for you?

Creativity is providing a new perspective to what we think we know.

Q. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Life. I do it by reading, talking and observing.

Q. What is the last project you have been working on?

The Play Project, which is an aerial survey of 100 playgrounds across Singapore. The playground is an integral point as Singapore went from village to a first world city nation in the last 50 years.

Q. On the Go’s theme is the motion and pace of life in Asia and Europe, illustrating those moments how we can be different and similar at the same time. How would you associate with this theme?

We live in a time where we are more the same then different. Aviation travel, the internet, streamlining of languages have brought Asia and Europe closer together.

Q. What are your expectations as the judge of this competition?

I love seeing new works, and being able to provide an opinion on works is certainly an honour.

Q. How will you judge a photo?

Emotion, emotion, emotion.


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The deadline has been extended and the competition period now ends on 13 September 2016.

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