To address the rising youth unemployment issue in Asia and Europe, solutions have to be creative, complementary, acute and interdisciplinary. The ASEF Young Leaders’ Summit (ASEFYLS) 2015 will explore, question, and seek to understand the correlation and collaboration between entrepreneurship (across all societal sectors) and youth employment. Be a part of this dialogue with a pool of international students and young professionals, thinking and acting to tackle youth employment.

ASEFYLS is taking place on 1-5 November 2015 in Luxembourg in conjunction with the 12th ASEM Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (ASEM FMM12).

ASEFYLS’ agenda is dynamic and allows to:

  1. Engage with key figures from the private and public sectors, social entrepreneurs, academics, tech-entrepreneurs and representatives from ministries of ASEM countries.
  2. Join the Bazaar, where best practices, existing solutions and policies are discussed, scrutinised and recycled.
  3. Jointly develop a Call-for-Action and Leading Questions to be directly channelled to the ASEM Foreign Ministers at ASEM FMM12.

Grab this great opportunity to have a hand in shaping the future of youth employment across Asia and Europe!

Accommodation costs and meals are provided for the course of the event, together with travel subsidies.

Think Big, Act Now, Apply here!

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