In recent years, the ASEM members have shown a strong interest in addressing the issue of climate change. In fact, during the 10th ASEM Summit (ASEM10) in October 2015, in Milan, Italy, ASEM leaders concurred that further and immediate ambitious action was required by all parties to limit far-reaching effects of climate change.

Responding to the priorities of ASEM partners, ASEF and the Asia Centre have collaborated in exploring the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change, and specifically looking at the role of energy in the transition to a more sustainable future. Under the project, Energy Challenges and Climate Change, ASEF and the Asia Centre have co-organised a series of conferences held in Beijing (China), Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Bangkok (Thailand) on energy and environmental issues in the run-up to COP21.

As a complement to past conferences, ASEF will once again co-organise a conference entitled,Asia and Europe crossing paths on the way to COP21, on 29-30 September 2015 at the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris, France. In the upcoming conference, distinguished representatives and speakers from academia, science, business, art, politics and media will discuss climate-related issues that will be at the core of the COP21 international negotiations. In particular, they will focus on the topics of renewable energy and energy efficiency, climate finance, emissions trading, climate regulation, private environmental governance as well as resource and risk management.

The event is the final and most notable session of the conference series, building on ASEF’s past work on Sustainable Development and Environment. 

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