The 12th ASEF Classroom Network (ASEF ClassNet) Conference has been wrapped-up successfully. Around 100 secondary, vocational and high school teachers and educators, representing 38 ASEM countries, met between 16-20 November 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria, to enhance and build new links between the classrooms of Asia and Europe.

The 4-day event was designed as a space for networking and skills-development for teachers. 6 student-teacher coordinator duos showcased the most outstanding ASEF ClassNet Online Collaborations of 2015, to compete for t­­­­­­­he ASEF ClassNet Awards.

The winners in the Gold Award category are:

•          Let's Eat: Mix It! represented by Ms Nur Aida binte MD KHALID, Singapore

•          Pop Science! Let's Explore! represented by Ms Masinah SAHID, Malaysia

•          World History in Family Photos, represented by Ms Daniela IANNI, Italy

The winners in the Merit Award Category are:

•          ClassNetNews represented by Mr Jouni SARPOLA, Finland

•          Language - A Mantle of Communications represented by Ms Anjali HANDA, India

•          Moments and Monuments represented by Ms Merlissa Elpedes SUEMITH, Philippines

The conference also provided the opportunity for the teachers to design and develop proposals for ASEF ClassNet Online Collaborations for 2016. 

Besides good-practice sharing and connecting teachers, the conference agenda included professional skills trainings on ICT, coding and other technological tools that can enrich the school curriculum. Through an interactive and rotating workshop the teachers tackled the topics of Coding, Open Source Tools and Games in Education.

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