To further promote the ASEF Young Leaders’ (ASEFYLS) Call for Action on “Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment”, several ASEFYLS participants took part in 4 spin-off activities across Asia and Europe:

ASEF Capacity Training on Leadership and Entrepreneurship

30 November – 2 December 2015, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Ms Maria TANDECK (Poland) joined Mr Emad ZAND, Chairman of Sqore, as a junior trainer to conduct training for 60 local entrepreneurs, government officials and students.

ASEM Lifelong Learning Hub: Learning, Engaging Young People in Lifelong Learning: Asian and European Policies and Practices

1-2 December 2015, Melbourne, Australia

Mr Ian Harold MANN (Australia), Mr Leo Wibisono ARIFIN (Indonesia) and Mr Johann OSBAKK (Norway) as well as 4th ASEF Rectors’ Conference (ARC4) participant Ms Sofia RIBEIRO (Portugal) participated as panellists on the transition of young people from school/university to work.

5th ASEM Labour and Employment Ministers’ Conference (ASEM LEMC5)

3-4 December 2015, Sofia, Bulgaria

Mr Arthur LAU (Australia), Ms Petya IVANOVA and Ms Shirin AMIN (Bulgaria) as well as Mr Robin LEWIS (Japan) attended the ASEM LEMC5 and conveyed the ASEFYLS message among the delegates. 

Meeting of the Education Committee of the EU Council

3-4 December 2015, Luxembourg

Ms Marijana TOSIC (Croatia) and Mr Amr DAWOOD (Ireland) were invited by the Luxembourg Ministry of Education to report on the ASEFYLS discussions and outcome at the EU Meeting.

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